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Abortion and Misandry at Confessions at a Hot Carmel Sunday.

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First this delight from Lee Ann:

Ah, grape plastic laminate nature. How many odes have the poets directed to your easy-clean beauty? Because nothing says “nature” like grape plastic laminate.

O fair nature in grape plastic glory
What wondrous laminate beauty sublime!

And this important New Item from Father Jim:

Decomposing whale explodes on Taiwan street

Go, enjoy.

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More New Blogs


Jeanne Stark brings attention to her husband's new blog. There's not much there yet; however, my sense is those of you who care for a blog of progressive flavor, similar to Catholic Sensibility and JCecil's Site, might enjoy some of the musing at Reality--What a Concept. But I may be incorrect. Impression have been formed on the basis of certain resonances I have detected in recent days with writings at these two blogs.

Visit Jeanne herself at Find Me in Florida Again.

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New Blogs

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In a rather daring debut on the St Blog's Network, Dr. Philip Blosser--related to another blogger, advances into the foray with two new blogs:

Scripture and Catholic Tradition


Blosser's Homepage

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On Birth and Contraception

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The Old Oligarch has a wonderful reflection on the question of birth and contraception and the contraceptive mentality. (Thanks for the link go to Father Jim).

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On Gathering Prayer Requests

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I have noted in strolling through St. Blog's that y'all are not going to make it easy on me to collect prayer requests. There are so many needs and so little time for wandering.

If you stop by here and you have a pressing need, please don't hesitate to post it in the nearest day's prayer requests. I would truly appreciate it because though I try, I don't visit everyone every day, and even when I do I forget half of the things that are needed in the community.

My only real service to the community are my prayers and I am more than willing to pray for anyone who needs it, so please, just let me know. If you prefer to remain unnamed and unmentioned, please send an e-mail. All of these needs just give me more reason to talk to God--something I should be doing more of anyway.

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Open Source Shakespeare


Eric Johnson, one of the Contributors to Catholic Light, has an elegant and interesting on-line project titled OpenSource Shakespeare. Highly recommended for those with an interest in Shakespeare it features a wonderful index that allows you to find all of the lines a given character in a play speaks. If you have any need of or interest in Shakespeare, this site my provide the kind of resources and information you would be interested in.

I have added Mr. Johnson's remarkable endeavor to my left-hand column so it will be readily available for the future.

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News on Ms. Knapp

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Mr Serafin reports (and I take the liberty of repeating):

Karen, of From the Anchorhold blog, is in rehab now - at a "sub-acute rehabiliitation facility". Among other conditions, she has open wounds that need dressing and healing before she can go home. She seems to be on the road to recovery, thank God. And Karen says the facility is better than many others.

For those who might like to drop her a note and let her know you are praying for her, here is her current address:

Karen Marie Knapp Room 210 Bed 1
Christopher East Health and Rehabilitation Center
1132 East Knapp Street
Milwaukee WI 53202

Please continue to pray and let Karen know you are praying for her. Thanks.

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Mama's New Place


The Mamas have moved. Find them here. Welcom to St. Blogs. Org, a homey place.

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Books and Movies


See Don's wonderful post on why he might prefer that movie makers leave the books he loves alone. I disagree, but I understand the reasoning and appreciate it. Good reading, good thoughts.

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I think I shall start a new section in the side column because I never want to lose track of this post at Santificarnos. Thank you, Mr. Gil.

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But you have to admire a blog whose slogan is a paraphrase of one of the great lines from a so-so Mel Brooks film--Otto-Da-Fe

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Good Form Returns! Hurrah!

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T.S. O'Rama asks the important question, "Btw, who ISN'T embarrassed buying the Nat'l Enquirer?"

And I wade in and answer boldly, "I, for one, am not." I enjoy National Enquirer, Weekly World News, and other alternative visions of our present reality.

By the way, I also was a 46% snob. There are some things that simply aren't done. And then there's the rest. And what's wrong with imported brie, if you don't make a habit of it?

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