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That has resulted from engagement with Jcecil3's ideas. See this wonderful discussion at Disputations. Much of what Mr. Jcecil has to say is profoundly interesting. I find myself in agreement on many issues, but largely in disagreement with some of the more "controversial issues." I also tend to take exception, as I always to with the blanket labelling of "conservatives." Not all who may have a conservative bent think the same things in the same way. A great many would disagree with much of what I say in the political realm here. The same is true for liberals. But I suppose it is not so much a failing of Mr. Jcecil3 as it is with the method of engagement in political speech. Far too often we find ourselves wrestling not with ideas but with the people holding those ideas. As I will continue to say, charity extends to people, not necessarily to ideas. People must be treated with care, courtesy, kindness, and respect. Ideas need not be accorded these attentions. Hence, I find the notion of applying a label repugnant--even to the extent of labelling and idea because the tendency becomes to apply the lable to a person before dismissing them either as ill-informed or of deliberately bad will. (Although I do have to say that I am not nearly so adamant about this policy when it comes to groups whose sole purpose is to promulgate hatred and antipathy.)

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And yet another

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I think the webowner of Ever New made both of these quizzes, though I can't honestly say that is the case.

Saint Bonaventure
Saint Bonaventure is praying for you! To learn more
about this eloquent saint go

Which Saint Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Another Quiz

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Another quiz, from the wonderful Ever New blog.

Virtuous:Your answers show that you have the
virtue of being meek and humble of heart.
Humility is defined as: A quality by which a person
considering his own defects has a lowly opinion
of himself and willingly submits himself to God
and to others for God's sake. St. Bernard says:
A virtue by which a man knowing himself as he
truly is, abases himself. Many saints attest to
the fact that humility is the primary virtue in
obtaining holiness.

Virtuous or Vicious?
brought to you by Quizilla

I guess the quizmaster was at a loss for a definition of the virtue of humility. Fill in-the-blank responses welcome in the comment box.

Later: Revisions have been made!

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in the life of a Catholic chez Disputations

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Apparently a blog has been set up for this group I'm very uninformed in some things Catholic and I have never heard of this confraternity or group before.

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