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Following the Lead of Dappled Things



A neat mapping thing. Please feel free to add yourselves. Or not.

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A French Progressive Blog


Pens�es libres de-rebus-variis le blog de Marie

Again, via Talmida. My French is fairly good--probably not good enough to write, but reasonable for reading, and this would give me reason enough to practice. It's nice to add a new member to the family.

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The Lesser of Two Weevils

Talmida wishes the world a happy birthday! 5766 years ago today, by tradition.

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A Blog from India

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Jesuvera: Spiritual Adventures of a Catholic

I love insights from people living in other countries--it serves to broaden my own rather laser-like perspective. The blog-owner in this instance hails from India--a place to which I look for the coming renaissance in literature worth reading.

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