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Well, you really ought to. Otherwise you miss wonderful insights like this one. Talmida is apparently a person who is highly interested in Hebrew and in the insights that come for Christian living from truly understanding what our Jewish Brethren understand through their study. Read and enjoy.

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Lofted Nest

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As I continue to long for Dylan's return to us, Lofted Nest provides me with some fuel for thought and some delightful examples of poetry. While no one can replace Dylan, this trio helps to ease the pain of absence somewhat. It is so nice to have a group to supplement the occasional postings of Siris, Mr. Core and TSO.

Nevertheless, please continue to pray for Dylan's return to us--more than a year now--too long his voice has been absent.

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On Labels


Those of you who have read this blog frequently know my vehement dislike of labels. And here I found a wonderful statement by Pope Benedict XV. "Christian is my name and Catholic is my surname." Praise God!

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(Relatively) New Blog

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I am dismayed to note that I have not made much previously of a wonderful new Catholic/Poetry blog, and more should be made. Lofted Nest features some very fine poetry and some interesting commentary. See particularly the poems for St. Philip the Deacon and the Elegy for Pope John Paul the Great.

Obviously written and run by people who truly love good poetry and God. And their point about people who write poetry and yet do not read it is exactly right.

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My Ten Things To Do List

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via Exultet and Summamamas.

I'm afraid my ambitions are rather boring, but they are my ambitions and I can't very well deny them.

(1) See Samuel happily married with family and children all around, or, see Samuel as the first all tap-dancing, all piano playing, scientific Pope detective--his choice.

(2) See John Paul the Great canonized.

(3) Finally, really and truly, make the Ascent of Mount Carmel and realize my place in the body of Christ

(4) Spend a month, two month, a year in Great Britain doing a "literary tour"

(5) Visit Australia

(6) Be able to read medieval Latin fairly fluently

(7) Write a publishable and published book of poetry

(8) Read (and understand) a majority of the Summa Theologiae

(9) See a human being set foot on Mars OR a permanent, more populated space station or lunar colony.

(10) Return to the world the enormous love I have received from so many in a form that will endure and bring people to the source of Love. (Vague, I know, but this is off the top of my head.)

I suppose strictly speaking that 1, 2, and 9 are not really so much things to "do" as to experience. Nevertheless, they are so important, they deserve a place on the list. And please forgive the seeming immodesty of #3--however, as far as I am concerned it is the one that casts all the rest into shadow. My God and my all--to be able to say that and mean it is the best possible goal.

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At Notes Mr. Wong offers an artisitc tribute to Pope John Paul the Great. (Warning, you need Java installed and operational to see it, and it may cause problems with some browsers--but it is well worth your time.)

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"The Lunch" Redux

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Naturally, given the great gravity of the situation of this week, I seem to have given less than what I would like to the meeting in Dallas.

What was most interesting about the entire group is that we were all converts of one sort or another. Each of us came by a slightly different road to the truth that is the Catholic Church. I'm amazed at how many of the Catholic Bloggers ARE converts--including at least one of the most prominent.

So, to share a bit more. Julie really is a Happy Catholic. Sprightly, vivacious, slightly elfin or pixie-like, she has a vast array of interests and shared a tremendous amount. We had a few minutes together before the Summas arrived and we moved right into our conversation. She's every bit as interesting as you might suppose if you read her blog very often.

Smockmama came closest to being what I had imagined, but still, the imagination pales next to the reality. Another strong, vivacious, and warm person. She was bright, funny, fun, interesting, and entertaining. (Well, that goes for everyone.) What is really fun now is reading Summamamas and being able to see both Smock and MamaT. I can actually hear them speaking in what they write--it's FANTASTIC. Oh, and she has such gorgeous children--absolutely beautiful. And she's well suited to the role of mother. I can't be envious, but she is truly fortunate in both number and beauty of little ones.

Then there's MamaT. What can I say? Beautiful, warm, intelligent, kind, unfailingly nurturing and sharing, she again was everything I thought and more. She shared her family pictures--and again beautiful! Also she reads so much and is so versed in so many things. I was in awe. What's more, she is so down home. One gets the feelilng that you could stop by any time and never find her unwilling to sit down to a glass of tea and talk.

Another point is the unfailing humility and graciousness of all three ladies. They thought so little of what they bring to us all.

Three such beautiful and kind people, one could not hope to meet in a lifetime, and yet, I've done so time and again as I meet bloggers from all over. I will long remember my lunch with these three marvelous ladies and I wish it could have been longer.

Overall, I'd say the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is indeed fortunate to have such warm, open, intelligent, lively Catholics representing it.

Once again, my thanks to everyone who took the time to come out and see me. I hope that as I continue to journey through the country I might one day get to meet with all of you. St. Blogs is simply the Best!

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While I do not always agree with Nathan's opinions, I do love him and his honesty and integrity. It is gratifying to see him willing to change his mind as he reconsiders the evidence. It gives me hope for myself and my own stubborn ways.

Particularly satisfying in this regard is this post which argues FOR the title "The Great" from a progressive point of view.

Nathan, thank you for all that you do for the community. We may not see eye to eye on many things, but your expression and your willingness to share are valuable to us all.

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via Father Jim, This link from a protestant minister who started writing about the Protestant view of Mary. Part 16 is about the Holy Father and the coming conclave. Perhaps this view of Catholicism from outside is another thing that can be attributed in large part to the work of John Paul II.

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And MamaT's Take

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on our meeting.

The Mamas and Julie are really such warm and wonderful people. And Smockmama reminded so much of a very dear friend back in Ohio--Sharon, from whom I have heard far too little in recent years. What wonderful support in the midst of a great difficulty.

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