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Courtesy of Mr. Dhingra


A lovely and moving account of one man's Thirty Day Retreat. What a blessing!

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Mr Serafin sends readers to a wonderful site Dovesong Foundation. At this site one can download for one's own use, apparently legally, recordings of western Classical and Sacred music and Classical music of other traditions. In addition, there appears to be a collection of sheet music. If you have not already discovered the riches of this site, you may want to make your way over to it.

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Dylan's Birthday


I sent him wishes from all of St. Blogs. He sounds as good as circumstances can warrant.

Special prayers for him on this day of days.

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A Coda to Disputations


John da Fiesole is ably defending the truth against various detractors. In response I found this absolutely irresistable piece of anti-Catholic diatribe, enshrined in the archives of Catholic-hating protestants everywhere. Ms. Monk purports to give a true account of the awful goings-on in a Canadian Nunnery. (Although given a recent post by Mr. de Vere at Catholic Light, it would seem that Canada has enough to account for on its own.)

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