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Another Weblog

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It appears that one of my commenters may have visited me via the Maverick Philosopher. Check out Siris, his wonderful site.

I am certain that there is much to be learned here. I just hope my brain doesn't explode. One of the first things I happened on was a discussion of David Hume--about whom I know only slightly more than is available to one through Monty Python's Philospher's song--to wit "David Hume could outconsume Schopenhauer and Hegel. . ."

(See also his entry in the Why Americans Should Vote debate. The quote from Coolidge is very, very nice.

And for Quenta Narwenion et al. he does quote from the Professor's translations of The Pearl)

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Congratulations! It's A Girl!

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For Spouse and JCecil3, it's a girl! Congratulations on this wonderful birth, may you both be blessed in the days to come as you learn the joys (and the hardships) of being parents.

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Musical Spiritual Theology

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TSO offers an interesting take using one of my favorite musicals. I think this is his original work (hard to tell) but it is beautiful. (Lest I cause swelled heads, I deleted my original "sheer genius.")

Add it to this reflection and this one on My Fair Lady. Amazing that the work of an agnostic/atheist (I'm never really certain where GBS actually falls) has such profound utility in theological discussion.

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A New Blog With a Heart For Children


My thanks to Joachim for directing me to A Grain of Wheat. See also wthe wonderful website you can access through the side column of his blog. A Grain of Wheat--The Website

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On Fatherhood


An excerpt from a letter by Tim O'Brien found at Summa Mamas. It is really beautiful. Please go and read it. I'm stealing this part for my letter to Samuel--

"That said, I would trade. . .my life's work for an extra 5 or 10 years with you, whatever the going rate might be. A father's chief duty is not to instruct or discipline. A father's chief duty is to be present. And I yeanr to be with you forever, always present, even knowing it cannot and will not happen." (Tim O'Brien--author of Going after Cacciato and The Things They Carried

Well, the last line is not true. I rely upon God's graces and the communion of the saints to know that I have the opportunity to be with him throughout his life and ultimately in eternity. When I am no longer physically here, I hope that my prayers keep him company, and this, in itself is impetus to improve my spiritual life as I suspect I can do him little good if I'm working off my time in purgatory. (Doesn't it say that those in purgatory must rely upon the prayers of others to attain merits? I'm not very good on the doctrines surrounding this.) Nevertheless, a good reason for a virtuous life and keeping purgatory at a minimum is to know that Samuel will never have to be alone for long. (It's not the best and most virtuous reason, but it does have the advantage of being present and tangible on a day-to-day basis. And surely, any little charity shown is worthwhile and a impetus toward the greater Charity.)

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One of the Many St. Blog's Poets


From Taliesan--

from "Elizabeth (Poem) "
Tim Smith

your ears were far from dull
for in the first word Mary spoke
you heard her silent child.
(and so did John.)

Go and enjoy the whole thing. A wonderful gift to the parish, as it were. And I trust Mr. Smith does not mind that I posted this small part to encourage all to seek him out. (If so, just let me know, and I'll take it away.)

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Even when I disagreed, I liked very much what I read here. The writer seems to be a genuinely pleasant, concerned parent. I loved the pictures and the reflections--go and enjoy.

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Later: I should have said thank you to TSO for this link

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Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary


Please read this reflection at The Journey.

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