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Praise God! Ever-New has returned!

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On Taking Up Our Crosses Daily

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See this.

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A Moment of Grace

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An award, utterly unmerited in so many ways, for which I am deeply thankful. The people of St. Blogs rightfully awarded this to Mr. Gerard Serafin of A Catholic Blog for Lovers and if he should ever change his mind regarding it I will, with great pleasure, return it to him.

I would like to point out that not only did I not win this award, but even had I won it, I think it unmerited. Mr. LeBlanc, of the awards committee, defines "most pious" to mean most reverent. I am deeply gratified that many people think of my blog in that way, but I would suggest that there are many other more worthy sites--Mr. Serafin's among them, but perhaps Ms. Knapp's would be my choice for such an award.

I belabor the point. I am humbled and delighted by the expression of support and love that it represents, and I am deeply grateful for receiving it. I only pray that I can live up to the expectation set by it, not only on the blog, but in my whole life.

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A Site You May Wish To See


Another Interesting site:

Apologize and Don't Be Sorry

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Lent Is in the Air


I see already the signs of Lent upon St. Blogs. Comments are slowing down, posts are drying up. I haven't heard anyone swear off blogging, but I know that is just around the corner. (Or perhaps I've simply overlooked it in my rounds of the day.) Well as usual, I will redouble my efforts in Lent and will attempt to share some of the things that God brings to my attention. I will dedicate myself to using the blog to foster a prayerful approach to God and a joyous reception of Him wherever we may find Him. And I want this to be a constant reminder of his unrelenting love-- a spring-tide that knows no neap, a flo that has no ebb. His love is a torrent, a rushing, raging, ravenous, all-consuming embrace of endless delight and joy. It is this fire that makes the greatest mind of Christendom say, "All my words are as straw." It is this that draws us to say, "My God and My All."

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Many Parishioners Coming Back


Christine rejoins us with Laudem Gloriae

The Might Barrister has returned full force (praise God).

And Thomas has returned in his own words--"face first in the Tiber"

Please welcome them all in their new (old) abodes.

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Join Us For Cinema


For St. Blogs film critiques, visit us at Popcorn Critics.

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The blogmeister at Transcendence states things rather more forcefully than I normally care for; however, his heart and his mind are in the right place and he has made some excellent points. Visit and find out.

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Praise God! Baby Andrew Has Arrived!

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Questions Via Eric Via Lynn

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From Erik's Rants and Recipes I did this because I really, really liked questions 1, 7, and 10.

1. What is your favorite word? Refresh

2. What is your least favorite word? Any verbing the noun--prioritizing, impacting, parenting, xmling, databasing etc.

3. What turns you on (inspires you)? Salt water in vast proportions. Palm trees, hibiscus. The scent of lime (in proust the scent of lemon). Good company. Debussy and Satie.

4. What turns you off? Meetings called for the purpose of recognizing the importance of the individuals calling the meetings

5. What sound do you love? Waves on the beach. The wind in the leaves of the trees. A brook. Mandolin, Lute, Harpsichord.

6. What sound do you hate? Refrigerator motors.

7. What is your favorite curse word? (if any)Anathema

8.What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Surfer

9. What profession would you not like to participate in? Any "public service" job. Been there, done it--people think they own you. They tend to be brutal, insensitive, and at very best rude and impatient.

10. Presupposing that Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Well done my good and faithful servant."

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Delighted to Rediscover Some Old Haunts

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Summa Minutiae may be found at this new address.

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Important Announcement

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Being true to all candidates who support life, and having announced Jcecil3's campaign, I'm delighted to direct your attention to:


I particularly recommend Smockmomma's platform. You note, it's the right color for the right season--none of this flashy white stuff after Labor Day.

Besides, Disputations points out that Smockmomma is upper right in his dominant-issue voter model. (Even if he steadfastly refuses to move from mere modeling to monte-carlo simulation and random walk generation. What are we to do with these stubborn Dominicans mired in the 13th century?)

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More Important Blog Awards

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Continuing my efforts to truly award those deserving awards we advance (or retreat to the next round)

Most Truly Sassy Southern Lady Blog-- One of the reasons this session of awards was so long delayed is that it took me quite a while to decide. Ultimately the judges came down to a tie between the remarkable Lee Ann Morawski (in the Bibliophilic Republic of Birmingham) and Smockmomma (now a presidential candidate) from the remarkable Summa Mamas blog.

Most Inspiring (literary division)-- Ms. Peony Moss of Two Sleepy Mommies who got up the gumption to start an on-line book discussion and demonstrated the remarkably good taste to start with Pride and Prejudice.

Most True to His Mentor--undoubtedly Disputations. Is there anything more to say?

Most Consistently Focused on Holiness The remarkable, relatively new blog Viam Pacis. Deep appreciation and sincere thanks for all that you have done.

Most Interesting to Debate With--Hands down, no contest, Jcecil3's Progressive Catholic Blog. I can't think off hand of four opinions we hold in common; however Jcecil3 is always courteous, always seems to listen, and always has interesting arguments and points of view to support his contentions. I suppose I would also give a courtesy award just for his ability to keep cool in the center of the firestorms that sometimes swirl around over there.

Most Missed --a tie presently From the Anchor Hold by the remarkable Ms. Knapp, may she be returned to us shortly and as always, more last than star. Dylan, we anxiously await your return.

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For Every Parent


See Tom's post regarding abducted children--every parent's nightmare. Let us pray for those who in these dark times now that their children be returned to them safely and without harm. And let us pray for those who would abduct a child that the Lord stays their hand and constantly watches over them reminding them of right and wrong. May the Guardian Angels of all children form a protective circle around them and may our prayers lend strength to the shield that would protect them.

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My Own Blog Awards

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I understand that there is some sort of competition out there for blog awards. Read about it at Summa Mamas. And it inspired me to award a few of my own to celebrate the truly important things in life:

Most Musical--No question here Mixolydian Mode. Daily we are treated to a new tune and to interesting connections to the music world throughout blogdom. My sincere thanks.

Most Eclectic--Avant Garde Division--Also no real competition here. Anyone who can talk about the semiotics of prosciutto while listening to Karlheinz Stockhausen must take the cake--Erik's Rants and Recipes

Most Eclectic--Somewhat Closer to the Known Universe of the Rest of Us Division--This one is tough but the prize goes to Video Meliora. From its title, to its cruises, to its library, to the odd snippets of poetry, plays, stories, and other indefinable things, Video Meliora is one of the few blogs by a lone soul that comes anywhere near producing enough to keep me happy.

That's all for today, I'm exhausted with handcarving the unique soap-sculpture awards that shall honor my shower for as long they don't melt. Congratulations to the winners--to those not selected, please, no crying in your beer--there's always next year, or perhaps next week.

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