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I understand that there is some sort of competition out there for blog awards. Read about it at Summa Mamas. And it inspired me to award a few of my own to celebrate the truly important things in life:

Most Musical--No question here Mixolydian Mode. Daily we are treated to a new tune and to interesting connections to the music world throughout blogdom. My sincere thanks.

Most Eclectic--Avant Garde Division--Also no real competition here. Anyone who can talk about the semiotics of prosciutto while listening to Karlheinz Stockhausen must take the cake--Erik's Rants and Recipes

Most Eclectic--Somewhat Closer to the Known Universe of the Rest of Us Division--This one is tough but the prize goes to Video Meliora. From its title, to its cruises, to its library, to the odd snippets of poetry, plays, stories, and other indefinable things, Video Meliora is one of the few blogs by a lone soul that comes anywhere near producing enough to keep me happy.

That's all for today, I'm exhausted with handcarving the unique soap-sculpture awards that shall honor my shower for as long they don't melt. Congratulations to the winners--to those not selected, please, no crying in your beer--there's always next year, or perhaps next week.

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I'd like to take Erik's cake! I learn an awful lot about the joys of food from him.

I wish they had named your category, "Most Spiritually Inspiring," not "Most Pious."

Whoops--I guess that would be Erik's wife's cake. According to Erik, he doesn't bake much...

You've got the perfect awards dinner lined up here: fine music (MM), fine catering (ERR), and a witty, entertaining speaker with lots of stories to tell (VM.)

Plus, TS would probably drive a Guinness truck to the festivities!


I gave you a vote Steven...return the favor in November (smile).

Peace and Blessings!

Yeah, but Steven thinks that the rest of you will just get it all salty! I would consider crying in Guiness the height of ingratitude. Crying into warm Pabst, now, that makes sense. And definitely eat Melanie's cakes over mine. For her birthday I have to go to the best French bakery in the Bay Area (competition is fierce - I settle for La Farine). For my birthday, Melanie bakes me a cake. I get the better deal.

Anyway, thanks for the mention, Steven! By the way, what is prosciutto? Signifier? Signified? How does the word !prosciutto! (forgive my lack of computer knowledge, but those of you who will get it will understand what the "!" signifies) signify Italianess when found on a deli menu? Is Canadian "prosciutto" a clever subversion, aimed at turning nationalism on its head? Does this mean that prosciutto only signifies a process? Is it a paranoid reading to see similarities in the word "prosciutto" and "process"? The best prosciutto is from Parma, so does it follow that the suspicion encountered here reflects something about Parmalat?

Questions, dear Steven, questions!

Dear JCecil3--

Thank you, you are most kind.

It's a tough run between you and Smockmomma, but I have the distinct feeling that she might slap me upside the head were I to stray, and I know I'd be safe around you, so it's a matter of self-preservation.



Dear Erik,

I've always thought that there was an uncanny sort of metacognitive echo in the resemblance of prosciutto and precession. Does it tend to imply wobbliness as a state of being?



darn tootin' mr. riddle!

Thank you for the award. I'm honored.



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