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This message from Gordon--the need is urgent indeed, please pray:

Here again is the message on Kayla K, a cousin of one of our Admin Assistants.

She is 7 months pregnant and the doctors have found that the
baby's stomach is in his chest cavity. His heart is fine at this point but
his lungs are not developing. They are starting her on steroids to
develop them. As soon as they are developed enough for survival, they are
going to perform an emergency C-Section and take the baby straight into
surgery to try to put everything where it belongs. They say he has a
50-50 chance.

This is her fifth pregnancy. Her first was a miscarriage, the
second was a stillbirth, the third was an empty sac, and the fourth she
finally had a healthy daughter. Now this......

The Admin Assistant is leaving everything in God's hands and she
says that the family needs a miracle and she only knows One that is in
that business. Please put this in our Carmelite prayer chain.

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This condition is known as a diaphragmatic hernia. Fetal surgery is an option in some cases, and I would suggest getting an opinion from one of the fetal surgery centers in the US - UC San Francisco is one, and there are a couple of others.
This sounds like a pretty severe case, though. The lungs cannot even begin to develop if there is no room.
Blessed Gianna, pray for this baby!

Will pray!



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