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Secondhand Smoke

. . . (i.e. misguided and very, very far from brilliant) is a person I need to read more of.

Persons interested in the dignity of the human person might do well to check out the blog listed above. Many thanks to Speculative Catholic.

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Maria Lectrix

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Maria Lectrix

Found via Aliens in this World (thank you!!). A site from a woman who reads public domain e-books for public domain audiobooks--rather like podcasts. And the books she has read!

I saw listed The Sword of Welleran and Annus Mirabilis by John Dryden.

What a wonderful service!!

I just can't use enough exclamation points about this!!!

Seriously, I'll have to plow through the archives of this site and see what all had been produced and then send a very nice thank you letter to the person who produced them all.

Thank you Maria Lectrix if you stop by here. If not, I'll be writing soon.

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Holy Souls Prayer Books


Bethune Catholic: Paying the bills .....

Bethune Catholic offers a nice selection of books, including a book perfect for the month of November. In addtion, they are in need of some cashflow, so let's preserve another fine Catholic Press while offering suffrages for the poor souls in Purgatory.

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A Trip to Boston


TSO shares with us some of the highlights from his trip to Boston.

I love Boston as a city. For one thing it is so walkable, and even where it is not walkable the T (is it?) goes nearly every place. (All of which is a good thing given that the rotaries are among the most horrifying traffic configurations to ever strike an urban setting.)

I love the Freedom Trail, the magnificent the museums, and the proximity of such things as Walden Pond, Branson Alcott's (and Louisa May Alcott--his daughter) Home, Hawthorne's Home, and Emerson's house which overlooks the field in which was fired "the shot heard round the world." And let us not forget the residence of the gone but not forgotten Dylan. May he grow to prosper and may he always be remembered in our prayers.

Of course, as you might guess from my present location, in my estimation it suffers a trifle in terms of weather. But that triviality aside, it is certainly one of the more entertaining cities to visit for those of us who like to poke about historical settings.

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Predominant Faults

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Sweet music to my ears over at Father Jim's. Nothing I didn't already know, but nevertheless it is good to hear it confirmed. It is very disheartening to be repeating nearly the same thing week after week after week with no discernable progress. But, as Father Jim points out, there is good cause for hope.

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I love the beginning of the month. The way my stats work, it accumulates lists of places from which I get hits, so that as we near the end of the month and the spiders are more and more combing through the site, I have little opportunity to get back to visitors who stop by quietly and leave no comment. To my mind this is the one purpose site stats serve. I can't make head nor tails of mine most of the time because they are so overrun by automated search engines. However, because of the low number I was able to find some very nice, interesting sites that are new to me.

Your Pastoral Coach

And God's First

Speculative Catholic, who has an interesting entry on Science Fiction and Catholicism (thanks to Don at Mixolydian Mode).

Later: And they keep on rolling in

Darwin Catholic

If you're a visitor, just leave a comment anywhere. I'd really like to know you visited and would love to visit your site. I try hard to do so for everyone who comments and even for those who merely refer others to my site. You come by the most interesting places, people, and comments this way.


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