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Two blogs that have recently come to my attention, so only "new" to me, through the Aegis of T.S. O'Rama:

Fiat Mihi,with St. Philip Neri and intricate discourse in the proper drinking of tea.


Song of November I'd like to heartily recommend this latter, but unfortunately it has graphics or javascripts or something that permanently hang up my Mac.

Neverhteless both seem of interest, stop by and say hello if you have not already.


And via Fiat Mihi, this gorgeous blog, with its oh, so wonderful name Basia Me, Catholica sum--why am I always so late to the table?

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Disputations has a nicely timed meditation on the Cross and Stigmata to which I add three notes, one my own and two from my reading.

Of greatest importance in assuming the burdens of our daily crosses is that we seek to conform to them and we do not seek to make them conformable to us. A cross that is comfortable and suits my image of myself isn't really so much a cross that trains in holiness as it is a display piece.

from In Conversation with God
Francis Fernandez

[Quoting J. Aldewicz] Veronica responded to Christ's love with reparation; a reaparation especially admirable because it came from a helpless woman who did not fear the ire of the enemies of Christ. . . Will the image of Christ's face be imprinted on my soul s on the veil of Veronica?

from In Conversation with God
Francis Fernandez

[Quoting St. Josemaria Escriva] It is not too late; nor is everything lost. . . even though to you it may seems so -- even though a thousand doom-laden voices keep saying so. Even though you are beseiged by the furious faces of mocking and jeering onlookers. You have come at a good time to take up the Cross: the Redemption is taking place now! And Jesus needs many more Simons like the man from Cyrene!

You might also spend some time with this during the week.

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You might try visiting Mr. Core this week and taking a look at the poetry he is posting for Holy Week.

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Daddy's Blog

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A new blog by St. Blogs fathers, Fathers Know Best, please see. Thanks.

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