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Two blogs that have recently come to my attention, so only "new" to me, through the Aegis of T.S. O'Rama:

Fiat Mihi,with St. Philip Neri and intricate discourse in the proper drinking of tea.


Song of November I'd like to heartily recommend this latter, but unfortunately it has graphics or javascripts or something that permanently hang up my Mac.

Neverhteless both seem of interest, stop by and say hello if you have not already.


And via Fiat Mihi, this gorgeous blog, with its oh, so wonderful name Basia Me, Catholica sum--why am I always so late to the table?

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well, it's an awfully big table, with more and more bloggers coming every day, each adding a new and unique dish to the buffet...

better late than never.

Song of November loads without problems in Mozilla (Mac OS 9) and Safari (Mac OS X).



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