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MamaT's Homeschool Contribution


MamaT posted a link to Pachelbel's Canon, a piece Sam is currently learning for a future piano recital.

Here's my response to MamaT:

Dear MamaT,

Thank you! You just contributed to a homeschool lesson about why it's important to practice your piano. Sam loved that piece and he's learning it on piano now. I pointed out to him that once he learned enough piano playing and theory he'd be able to build his own Canon.

"And my own music?"

"And your own music."

"And other people would play it?"


Thanks again MamaT.

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Look! Look! A St. Blogger's Book


Because Mrs. Nancy Brown was gracious enough to stop by, leave a comment, and an address whereby I might find her, I discovered that she has out (or will have out shortly) A Study Guide to G. K. Chesterton's St. Francis of Assisi. If this is cover proof, we may soon see the book. Go, admire, ooh and aah, and wish Nancy the best on her new publication!

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I'm guessing from a post on Roz's blog that Detroit won the world series. So my congratulations to all those Detroit Fans--Roz, Goodform, etc.

Now for a bit of embarrassing revelation--I didn't even know the series was going on until I glanced at her blog a week ago and then I divined only that it involved Detroit and somebody else. Talking to someone of Saturday night, I had no idea that the last game was being played.

You know, if it doesn't involve water (or books) it just doesn't seem to impinge on my consciousness at all. I suppose I should be chagrined and shame-faced over this, but I just can't muster up any shame. Never have paid attention and at this late date, doubt that I shall start.

But that doesn't stop me from congratulating all of those to whom it did matter.

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