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Being true to all candidates who support life, and having announced Jcecil3's campaign, I'm delighted to direct your attention to:


I particularly recommend Smockmomma's platform. You note, it's the right color for the right season--none of this flashy white stuff after Labor Day.

Besides, Disputations points out that Smockmomma is upper right in his dominant-issue voter model. (Even if he steadfastly refuses to move from mere modeling to monte-carlo simulation and random walk generation. What are we to do with these stubborn Dominicans mired in the 13th century?)

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I said she can say she's upper right, which is of course a tautology according to the model.

I'm doing some work with a Dempster-Shafer belief theory software package these days. If I get a chance, I'll run some basic probability assignments up the flagpole and see how salutes.



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