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Continuing my efforts to truly award those deserving awards we advance (or retreat to the next round)

Most Truly Sassy Southern Lady Blog-- One of the reasons this session of awards was so long delayed is that it took me quite a while to decide. Ultimately the judges came down to a tie between the remarkable Lee Ann Morawski (in the Bibliophilic Republic of Birmingham) and Smockmomma (now a presidential candidate) from the remarkable Summa Mamas blog.

Most Inspiring (literary division)-- Ms. Peony Moss of Two Sleepy Mommies who got up the gumption to start an on-line book discussion and demonstrated the remarkably good taste to start with Pride and Prejudice.

Most True to His Mentor--undoubtedly Disputations. Is there anything more to say?

Most Consistently Focused on Holiness The remarkable, relatively new blog Viam Pacis. Deep appreciation and sincere thanks for all that you have done.

Most Interesting to Debate With--Hands down, no contest, Jcecil3's Progressive Catholic Blog. I can't think off hand of four opinions we hold in common; however Jcecil3 is always courteous, always seems to listen, and always has interesting arguments and points of view to support his contentions. I suppose I would also give a courtesy award just for his ability to keep cool in the center of the firestorms that sometimes swirl around over there.

Most Missed --a tie presently From the Anchor Hold by the remarkable Ms. Knapp, may she be returned to us shortly and as always, more last than star. Dylan, we anxiously await your return.

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mymymy, i thank you kindly, good sir!

as for "most missed" blog, i respectfully add the mighty barrister.

thank you so much -- I am indeed honored.

Thank you sir. I am truly startled and honored. Would that the rest of my life could be as consistently focused as you perceive my blog to be.

Why bless your heart, that wa so sweet to give me an award. Nutrasweet anyway, as it was a tie.



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