Soceity of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

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Apparently a blog has been set up for this group I'm very uninformed in some things Catholic and I have never heard of this confraternity or group before.

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Fr John Corapi is a SOLT priest. You can't hardly turn around on Catholic TV or radio without bumping into him.

I heard him talk at a mission last year. He doesn't always stay on subject, but he is interesting, inspiring and nearly poetic in his catechesis.

SOLT is one of the rapidly growing new movements. It has many branches and opportunities for participation: religious priests, sisters, lay groups, even a group for widows. They now have a university in Corpus Christi, Texas. There are many lay groups throughout the country but primarily in the southwest. If I remember correctly they will be building a Catholic University in Northern California as well.

All of the speakers I have heard from this group have been very good. Rhona Chervin, a Jewish Convert and popular Catholic author joined with them several years ago.

PS their website can be found at:

Thanks to all,

As it turns out, I had heard of it before, I just didn't know the initials SOLT. Thank you all for the info.





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