Answering Important Questions

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T.S. O'Rama asks the important question, "Btw, who ISN'T embarrassed buying the Nat'l Enquirer?"

And I wade in and answer boldly, "I, for one, am not." I enjoy National Enquirer, Weekly World News, and other alternative visions of our present reality.

By the way, I also was a 46% snob. There are some things that simply aren't done. And then there's the rest. And what's wrong with imported brie, if you don't make a habit of it?

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Never thought that Steven Riddle's erudition extended to these fine journals. Now we know exactly who to turn to next time we need an update on the career of Bat-boy.... Read More


I'm not a bit embarrassed to READ the Enquirer; I'm just embarrassed to be SEEN reading it! :-)


I was on a flight one time a few years ago. A very nice lady sitting next to me said, "If you would like to read some of my magazines during the flight, go right ahead." She then added, "I've got some good ones to like the Enquirer and the Star." She was dead serious. God bless her, she was so sweet. I just told her that I had brought some of my own reading material, but thank you so much for the offer.


Ah say it isn't so...

Wait I know, I are only reading them to appreciate the good stuff even more..right??? :-)


Well, now that is a surprise. I hadn't thought of you as a Nat'l Enquirer reader. I'm glad someone in the parish is keeping track of Ben and J-lo.. :)

Dear T.S.,

Heavens no! Don't even know to what you refer--the front page stuff just gets the rubes to buy the paper. It's the INTERIOR stuff that's really good--you know--the "Martian All Fat Diet," "The Cheesecake-a-Day Your Way to Svelte," you know--the alternate reality that some very good friends and acquaintances occupy. Oh, and don't forget the contents of Hangar 17 (which, by the way, I have many times been close to, watching the mysterious, highly secretive, military top-notch doings--so I have part of the inside story.



In the days when I frequented laundromats, one of my favorite pleasure was reading the tabloids that were left around there.
I will buy the NE about once a year or so - and will read parts of it in line whenever the opportunity strikes.
Hey, it isn't Jack Chick.

I think the National Enquirer has become more celebrity-oriented these days, but perhaps if I say that I'll betray more than a passing knowledge of its contents.

Seems like the quiz ought to adjust for reading Weekly World News as parody rather than reading it for serious edification, assuming you read for the former!

NE has all fat weight loss diets? Maybe I should give it a closer look.

Personally, I browse Cosmopolitan for junk reading (which may, in its own way, be worse than reading NE).

The Weekly World News was founded when the National Enquirer bought a color press. What to do with the old B&W system? Why, print all the news that doesn't fit in the Enquirer, of course!

I haven't read past the cover of either in years. Does Ed Anger still have his column? How's Bat Boy getting along?

Hey, my parents have a SUBSCRIPTION to both the NE and the Star. So, I up and current on all my celebrity fashions, affairs and facelifts. I also know all about how concentrating on the blue dot will bring you luck. I know waaaaaaayy more than I should.

AND I only tested on as 43% snob. I think it's because I chat up the bag boy every time I go to the grocery.



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