On Gathering Prayer Requests

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I have noted in strolling through St. Blog's that y'all are not going to make it easy on me to collect prayer requests. There are so many needs and so little time for wandering.

If you stop by here and you have a pressing need, please don't hesitate to post it in the nearest day's prayer requests. I would truly appreciate it because though I try, I don't visit everyone every day, and even when I do I forget half of the things that are needed in the community.

My only real service to the community are my prayers and I am more than willing to pray for anyone who needs it, so please, just let me know. If you prefer to remain unnamed and unmentioned, please send an e-mail. All of these needs just give me more reason to talk to God--something I should be doing more of anyway.

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Please pray for my Father In Law. He's struggling with short term memory loss and so far, they can't figure out why.

please pray for my dear friend as she struggles with marital problems.

Say, I love this new water background!

Please pray for my husband's conversion to the Catholic church.

Steven, thank you for what you're doing. I try to stop by every morning, and add my prayers to yours.

Thank you for continuing to remember my young friend Audrey, battling anorexia. She is fighting hard, but it is such a nasty disorder.

I will be praying especially hard for Linda in the morning.



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