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For those who simply can't get enough Noli Irritare Leones has a well-considered review of the merits and demerits of the book. As the blogmaster does not come from a Catholic point of view she is less likely to be offended by much that put-out the Catholic Audience.

Father Jim of Dappled Things also chimes in with an opinion with which I heartily concur. Read Foucault's Pendulum instead. (But do not look for thriller-paced writing. While a wonderful, fascinating, and compelling read, it is, after all Umberto Eco. ) (And scroll up a bit for a well-considered "Southern" view of Robert E. Lee and the mysterious phenomenon of the close celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. day and Lee-Jackson day. (Used to be, just after the announcement of a federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., that Virginians had a single holiday Lee-Jackson-King day.))

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