News on Ms. Knapp

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Mr Serafin reports (and I take the liberty of repeating):

Karen, of From the Anchorhold blog, is in rehab now - at a "sub-acute rehabiliitation facility". Among other conditions, she has open wounds that need dressing and healing before she can go home. She seems to be on the road to recovery, thank God. And Karen says the facility is better than many others.

For those who might like to drop her a note and let her know you are praying for her, here is her current address:

Karen Marie Knapp Room 210 Bed 1
Christopher East Health and Rehabilitation Center
1132 East Knapp Street
Milwaukee WI 53202

Please continue to pray and let Karen know you are praying for her. Thanks.

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Karen Marie Knapp has been hospitalized since before Christmas. She's in subacute now. Her family has been posting occasional updates in her comments box, and now there's an address posted at Mr Serafin's place if you'd like to drop her... Read More



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