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In a rather daring debut on the St Blog's Network, Dr. Philip Blosser--related to another blogger, advances into the foray with two new blogs:

Scripture and Catholic Tradition


Blosser's Homepage

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You can also count us in for NEW BLOGS. My husband and I are staunch Catholics here in Florida, land where that hibiscus grows. And trust us, it is more beautiful in person.

Reed's blog is

**warning he is a challenge and he does challenge people. He thinks outside the box of everyday Christianity and goes further.

My blog is

I have a more light hearted fare and occasionally dip into the deep. *Have to stay balanced in a fast world.

We live 10 miles from the Schiavo hospice. So we are in the thick of it here. We also live 5 miles from MacDill AFB, home of air force command for Iraq. We see soldiers and commandos all the time. We eat breakfast with them. NO joke.

Read us. Comment and drop by sometime. Sorry for the commercial, but hey I made a visit here. Please visit one of us. Thanks

Please come and see us. Please? Catholic charity? Say something?

Dear Jeanne,

I visit fairly frequently and thought I had commented at least once. You may have been one of the people lost in the great blogroll explosion that I am still recovering from. Rest assured, I will visit and soon.

(Oh, and a challenge is no problem whatsoever so long as it is pleasant and civil. I love Mr. Bogner, Mr. JCecil3, and Todd (forgive me the last name escapes me) not to mention Disputations (And John with his relentless logic can be the roughest of the bunch.))





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