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Most Important Post of the Day


Please remember the following in prayer:

For the repose of the soul of my son's teacher aid and her daughter, both found dead Wednesday Night--(Mrs. Moniz and daughter)

For the people of southern California for deliverance from fire.

For Ms. Schiavo and her family.

For the men and women of the American Armed forces who still risk their lives daily in the inhospitable wilds of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And most of all for Dylan who is going through a bad spell. He needs our constant intervention and intercession. Please make him a constant part of your prayer--even if only for a single bead of your rosary each day--Heaven must hear his name from us so that he may be returned.

Thank you.

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For San Diego County and Environs


An urgent and ongoing request from my friends in San Diego County who seem to be between two of the major fires burning there--please pray for everyone in the county and for God's intervention in the control of these fires that threaten a great many homes.

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A Reflection on Poetry Day

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I think this spate of poetry today is a way of making up for how much it has been missing of recent date.

I miss Dylan. A lot. I want him back. More than a lot.

Please pray for Dylan that he return to us soonest in good health and frame of mind and begin his work of poetry anew.

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Prayer Requests


Please remember the following in your prayer intentions:

--for the family of a woman who recently suffered the loss of a child in the womb that they all may be brought closer together and come to greater love of each other through this great sacrifice.

--great thanks for supplying Gordon with a temporary job, prayers for its continuation, and prayers for safe travel and for his family who will be left behind while he works out the parameters of what's happening.

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Urgent Prayer Request

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I have two very dear friends who seem to be in good positions to emerge from the employment doldrums. For one of them this will entail the great hardship of being separated from his family for a length of time. Please pray for the success of the interviews and the removal of any other bureaucratic red-tape that may be in the way. Thanks.

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