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A Request for Prayers


I don't know if I made a point about this before, but even if so, it never hurts to renew a request for prayer.

I have recently volunteered, and ultimately been accepted, to take on pro tem the duties of both the Regional Coordinator AND the Regional Formation Director. As to the latter, I feel that the requirements of the duties fall well within my skill set. As to the former, administration is not something that comes to me naturally. I will need a lot of help, both corporal and in the realm of prayer. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would remember me and more particularly my duties and responsibiities in this capacity in your prayer. I am not a particularly capable leader where the every-day issues and messy adherence to regulations is called for. Nevertheless, I know without doubt that with God's help I can do enough to keep our region moving forward.

So, please just remember my region and pray that I might be able to act for the good of the entire Carmelite community until such time as God raises up for us a capable leader.

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I just finished typing up the first of these posts and due to what I will explain below, I hit the wrong button and hence demolished it.

I have been suffering from a slight health problem over the past few days, the treatment of which has entailed using some pain killers that have made it somewhat difficult to spend time at the keyboard. Moreover, you will probably find a greater number of typographical errors through this period as my proofing ability diminishes with my clarity. Please forgive me. And please pray for me that the present treatment will knock this wretched thing out. I do not like to contemplate the meaning of it otherwise.

While you're praying, please add prayers for all of these in the path of our present Hurricane Wilma. I know I'm very, very tired of this season, and seeing that Orlando is squarely within the cone of uncertainty on this one, I'm somewhat concerned. NOAA's present forecast is that Wilma will be a short, sharp punch across the penisula. Please pray that it is so and that we will be done with this nonsense for the season. Tying records isn't exactly my idea of fun when it comes to weather phenomena. (Though, I must say, there is a certain thrill at the possibility of breaking such a record. And a false sense of reassurance because averages and probabilities suggest to the untrained mind that next year would HAVE to be better. Oh, unfortunately not so. But we cling to the perception of the law of averages rather than to the cold reality that we must have some high years to balance the low and average 12 storms rather than 21. Still, we're better off than Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune(?) all of which have storms that have lasted for the better part of 400 years--if we use the Great Red Spot and Galileo's observations of it as an indicator.)

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