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Prayer Requests


Please Remember the Following in Your Prayers

Dylan: who is struggling to get well and who is threatened with being overcome.
Christine and Gordon: who desperately need a job at this time.
Franklin and Katherine: who need both employment and help discerning God's merciful presence in their lives.
For all those who hurt emotionally and physically.

Most especially for those both living and dead who are so unknown to humanity they have no one to pray for them. Pray that while living they might receive God's grace, God's love through their fellow human beings, and once dead they might be received into the merciful and loving arms of the Father.

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Prayer Reminders


Prayer Reminders

From the Prayer Chapel:
Please remember the following critically important intentions in your prayers:

1. Bill White's wife who is experiencing some unusual medical difficulties.
2. Pansy Moss and Family
3. DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN (I know, I harp on this too much, but that's the way it is for brother poet)
4. Christine and Gordon and family (please really work on this one--they've been out of work for more than half-a-year and all reserves are coming to an end)
5. Katherine and Frankin (ditto--although there was a brief interim of employment--still, very difficult situation)
6. All in St. Blog's who have intentions they do not express to us, for healing, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical and all other intentions for our blogfamily.

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Four Particularly Pressing Prayer Concerns

Sorry for the alliteration, it wasn't intended to be funny:

(1) For Pansy Moss, her husband, and her family. We all need to keep praying and keep supporting this family in every possible way. God is good, and we need to make certain that we constantly demonstrate it.

(2) For Dylan--He needs our constant support and prayer. I don't often use martial imagery--in fact, I deplore it, but we need to storm heaven for him. His healing is dependent upon our prayers and upon God.

(3) For the unemployed who are presently seeking work--particularly Gordon and Christine, Franklin and Katherine, and a young man of distant acquaintance who has just been laid off work, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and whose wife is expecting their first child. Lord, have mercy.

(4) For my wife and our present situation that it is resolved in accordance with His will (no marital troubles, just health and other concerns rocking the rather easy boat of our existence.)

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