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Request for Prayers


Request for Prayers

My good friend Franklin is once again in need of a job. This is very difficult for the whole family. Please pray that he can find a position that is more along the lines of what he has done/can do, and that he finds it quickly.

Also, please pray for Gordon and his family as they continue to search for work.

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An Ardent Request for Continued Prayers

Please, please remember Dylan in your prayers. He has received some very discouraging news regarding his condition and he needs our thoughts and prayers to buoy him up. I assured him of the continued interest and prayers of the community here at St. Blog's and I thank all of you who have taken the time and effort to send messages through me or through other to Dylan. Each message helps him remember that people do care and are willing to help.

Please remember Dylan in daily prayers.

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Please See the Prayer Requests


Please See the Prayer Requests of Recent Vintage at the Chapel

Many needs at the Carmelite Prayer Chapel. Thank you.

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