A Reflection on Poetry Day

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I think this spate of poetry today is a way of making up for how much it has been missing of recent date.

I miss Dylan. A lot. I want him back. More than a lot.

Please pray for Dylan that he return to us soonest in good health and frame of mind and begin his work of poetry anew.

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reading this from hospital computer terminal, am moved to profoundest gratitude by your words & by your request for prayers

I have been reading the blogs, but have not felt compelled to post much of anything at more last (in large part because one of the conditions of using the hospital computers is : do not "create or post web pages")

I have managed, these past few months, to survive without much reading of poetry & with no writing of it whatsoever -- but to survive and to live fully are perhaps two rather different things

again, many thanks for your kind thoughts on this day

Dear Dylan,

Oh, Praise God, to hear from you again--that familiar voice. I mean it when I say I miss reading your thoughts, hearing the virtual voice ringing in my head. My life has been poorer for your absence. I will strive to be more active in my posting of poetry.

Thanks so much for writing--it means a tremendous amount to me.



Very good indeed to hear your voice, Dylan. A welcome gift on this day of Our Lady of the Rosary. Best wishes for your continued recovery, and to days of peace and comfort, poetry within and without.



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