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Mr. Scott Fischer, who has the initially disconcerting initials SWF, is blogmeister at the interestingly titled viam pacis. He claims to be an ENTJ, and I have no trouble believing this because in a matter of one short week I feel I know more about him than I do about 90% of St. Blog's Parishioners. There is much of interest here.

Oh, and Mr. Fischer did correctly discern that I pay attention to my sitemeter references. It is, in fact, the only reason I retain sitemeter. I've long thought about removing it, but if I did so, I would stand no chance of finding such unusual and interesting sites.

Welcome Mr. Fischer and I trust that St. Blogs gives you a "laurel and hardy handshake." (Comment if the reference is too obscure.)

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Thanks for noticing my site and commenting so positively on it. I've been reading various blogs in the parish and find yours to be top notch. Even when you do refer to other member's blogs, you do it intelligently, adding value, rather than mindlessly propogating links to the same things as many of our brothers and sisters.

Thanks for maintaining such high quality in your posts and your individual style. I hope to be as respected as you are.


Dear Sir,

You are much too kind, and I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Expect that I shall be a frequent visitor chez vous.





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