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. . . and Beyond


Nearly immediately upon return, I'll be visiting Tampa, Palm Beach, and Cleveland. (Business all)

I'm hoping to scrape together the money to go to the OCDS convention in Tampa in January. The roster of speakers will include Fr. Stephen Payne (who is presently editor-in-chief at ICS) and Kiernan Kavanaugh--half of the team responsible for one of the most lucid translations of the Spanish Mystical Doctors. Please pray that I can somehow find the funds (and perhaps more critically the time) to do this.

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. . . to Washington . . .

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Where I will return at the end of this week. I'll spend the weekend, and probably a number of weekdays, at Father Jim's parish (Our Lady of the Angels in Woodbridge), though more than likely, not at his Masses--depends, I suppose on the rotation. Most days I will visit Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall, and other such stops, with at least one or two days slotted for trips downtown to keep Samuel up on the dinosaurs etc.

I'd relish the opportunity to meet any bloggers in the D.C. area, but also recognize the limitations incumbent upon it being Thanksgiving week.

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From New York . . .

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Returned from New York where all seemed to go very well. The last time I was there was some thirty years ago when my entire family left for Washington. I remember New York as a dirty, dingy, dark, and dangerous city. The people were cold and distant when they weren't downright rude. This may still be true in part, but it wasn't my experience. Our host very kindly treated us to an evening of theatre (I know you're dying of curiosity--The Producers. Our first choice was Wicked, but the seats were all poor. For the show we saw right front Orchestra aisle, two rows back--spectacular.) After the show we walked back to our hotel--thirteen short blocks away, one of them through Times Square, and I never felt so much as mildly menaced--not true for the time I left--for documentation see Midnight Cowboy. I'm sure there are parts of the city for which this would not hold true, again, not my experience.

Everyone I encountered in my trip was at least pleasant and polite, most were openly friendly and helpful. I can't even begin to say how far this has gone to remove some pernicious misconceptions.

While there, I wad able to take in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and AMNH--as it is known among professionals in the field. I saw two fantastic Vermeers, one of which--"The Allegory of Faith" I spent some time with. There was a nice, if somewhat high-strung and overwrought El Greco exhibit. But the highlight for me was room after room after room of Egyptian antiquities, including, of course, an entire ancient Egyptian Temple. I could probably live in this wing of the museum.

All in all, a very exhausting, exciting, and rewarding trip.

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For the next couple of days I'll be on a business trip to New York City. Please pray for the safety of the flight and the success of the trip.

As a result, I may not have access to a machine for blogging for a couple of days (although I may, it's very difficult to tell). Expect that there will be little here for a few days.

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Saturday's Fête

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I spent much of Saturday afternoon celebrating with other authors and editors the new issue of the local Historical Society's publication It's About Time. I was blessed to have two poems published in the journal. We also had a brief presentation by a local author who is doing guides to the lesser known aspects of our little central Florida world. Anyway--there are two more small poems set free--we'll see what other opportunities arise in the near future.

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A Personal Request

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I provide this link to a poem I wrote after my mother's death and I ask everyone in St. Blogs to remember her today in your own intentions for Mass, if she should need the prayers. Thank you.

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Today is the Carmelite meeting, followed closely by a celebratory luncheon for my wife, overlapping with a celebration of the second issue of the local historical society's publication (this time I have some poetry being published rather than acting as editor). A full and wonderful day.

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