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A New Metric


The old miles/gallon metric on the efficiency of automobiles has not proven satisfactory to me in analyzing how my present vehicle is serving me. So I've thought of a "new" metric that in the face of rising gas prices makes more sense to me--miles/dollar (Or in the case of ultra-inefficient vehicles dollars/mile).

In this new metric my present vehicle delivers on the order of 24-25 miles/dollar. A comparison--my old vehicle delivered approximately 8-9 miles/dollar. A significant improvement.

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All Is Well

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I apologize.

I've been so frantic about friends that I've not posted myself. After checking with all and sundry in my region, I find that everyone has reported in okay. In Orlando we were hardly touched at all--as is common with these kinds of things. The main event took place about thirty or forty miles north of the city proper near an area called The Villages.

Thanks to all who have written. Prayers are solicited for those who did not fare so well.

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