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Austin Trip

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Will be spending about a week in Austin starting today. Business trip, so there won't be much time for seeing the sites (but I've been often enough that it isn't much of an issue). However, this time I'd like to make a trip out to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center.

I'm not a fan of Johnson and his presidency. I don't much care for Lyndon and his brand of Texas politics, that strike me as being up there with Huey Long and his Louisiana group; however, I've always admired Lady Bird. First, she put up with Lyndon and stood by him for all those years, but second, she was a prominent figure who didn't spend her time being purposely prominent. And what time she was in the public eye, she used to advance the cause of a return to natural beauty before that was the mantra of the mindless pantheist. A return to natural beauty is important for the restoration of balance within us as well. The wildflower research center is one of those endeavors that promotes the good of Earth without pushing it in your face. I know that even the parking lots of the hotels that I stayed in in Texas were filled with Bluebonnets and dozens of other gorgeous wildflowers. And I think it is due in large part to her influence.

As the great lady passed away just a short while ago, I'd like to make this small trip to honor her work and memory and to see some of the marvels of Texas. Hope I'm not disappoint because of the unseasonably heavy rains they've been experiencing.

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