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I am very pleased and gratified to announce that as of September 1, 2009, my lovely spouse and I will have experienced 25 years of domestic (bliss/tranquility/union/you supply the word). In the course of that time I have learned that the only way through it at times is one day at a time--but that at most times it seems that we swallow days, weeks, even months whole--that time flies by us and we grow used to each other and familiar. But there is never an end to surprises and to the joy that comes from them.

I implore your prayers for a continuation of this until it pleases God to see us home. No half-measures please.

Thank you.

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Update: Ah Well


Is there any point in apologizing for being so absent recently? And what empty promises I make if I say it sha'n't happen in the future.

But I would like to make a determined effort that I post some short thing each day. And today it is a personal news item:

Over the past two days I have written two complete short stories. One of them is sketchy and tentative, but the other I think robust and fully "incarnate." Of course the speed of composition suggests allowing them to rest before reconsideration--but I do think that after their rest they shall shape up to become quite good.

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