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After six or seven reroutings through Columbus, through Cinci, through Cleveland, through Atlanta, we finally caught a direct flight in Cleveland to. . . Miami. A mere four hours later we drive north to Orlando. Reaching Kissimmee the devastation even this far inland was remarkable. I can't begin to estimate how many are without power, water, necessities. Phone lines are difficult and different buildings are impacted differentially. We have a small roof-leak problem that we'll attempt to patch with tarpaulins until the insurance adjustors adjust things.

Please pray for those of my neighbors more heavily hit whose homes are more seriously damaged. Also please remember those who have died, the estimates are not even possible at this time.

Later: I should note for those concerned that power is out in a lot of places in Orlando. I don't know precisely where Mr. Luse lives, but I suspect he may be in one of the areas where power has taken a while to be restored. I live fairly close to the airport and so my neighborhood and surrounding areas is a kind of priority when it comes to these things. Even cable is mostly back. Please pray that God withhold the wonderful gift of rain for a day or two. My guess is that 50-75 percent of all houses in this area are affected, and we are actually lucky considering reports coming from elsewhere.

Thank you for all your prayers, and please keep them coming! Restoring the traffic signals is a critical priority so that some of the chaos can be cleared up.

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God has truly blessed Texas. The country between Austin and San Antonio is really very, very lovely. The hills, the greenery, the creeks and streams are all quite beautiful.

Last night I watched as a colony estimated at more than 1,000,000 bats swirled out from under the bridge in Downtown Austin and skimmed along the shores of the river. Turning around I was able to see the magnificent edifice of the pink granite Texas State Capitol. And it put me in mind of another way that Texas is blessed among states--their legislature meets only about once every two years or so. Sure enough, they do damage to last for at least two years, but nevertheless, they aren't always mucking around making a mess of things.

Austin is a beautiful city and the work here is going as well or better than the work I have done at many another location.

Pay attention to your day. There is so much to be thankful of in the course of it.

Hope to be able to say more later. May God bless you all. Pray for a safe flight today and then another tomorrow as I head out to Columbus.

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