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Where I will return at the end of this week. I'll spend the weekend, and probably a number of weekdays, at Father Jim's parish (Our Lady of the Angels in Woodbridge), though more than likely, not at his Masses--depends, I suppose on the rotation. Most days I will visit Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall, and other such stops, with at least one or two days slotted for trips downtown to keep Samuel up on the dinosaurs etc.

I'd relish the opportunity to meet any bloggers in the D.C. area, but also recognize the limitations incumbent upon it being Thanksgiving week.

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Woo-hoo! I'd love to meet you if I can! Remember, it was your Gunston Hall entry from last year that impelled me to bookmark your site!

Maybe I can combine a trip to down to Potomac Mills Mall with a visit to OLA for Mass--then I can meet both you and Fr. Jim at once! Not to mention shop! :-)

oooo! oooo! I wanna go socializing and shopping too!

Me too..we need to drag along Tom as well! Mass and coffee somewhere?????



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