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Sam commented to me yesterday that he was glad that the stories in those old myths weren't true because the Egyptians had this story about some guy who would weigh your heart against a feather and if your heart weighed more, you'd be thrown to some creature that eats souls. And everyone knows a heart weighs more than a feather.

I pointed out to him that ancient Egyptians stored the heart in a canopic jar, so it wasn't the real physical heart they were weighing, but a spiritual heart--and a heart weighed down by sin would weigh more than a feather.

"Oh yeah! And a heart filled up with good things wouldn't weigh much. I get it." Then a heartbeat later, "I bet when those Egyptians got to heaven they were really surprised. After all they imagined they got there and there weren't a whole lot of Gods running around. Just one."

"Yeah, I bet that did come as a surprise."

Just a little note following on what I wrote a few days ago about St. Paul's letter to the Romans. More on that subject a bit later.

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