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Music is his language.

Sam's music teacher scheduled an extra lesson with him to transcribe his newest composition. Apparently she strove gallantly to do so, but she was tripped up by it's complexity and couldn't figure out how to represent part of the composition in notation. He'll be performing it in his next recital. I'm thinking that we're going to have to do a little legwork and see what other help we can get him/what other help we can afford. (The two are, unfortunately, not one in the same.) He's amazingly talented but amazingly undisciplined. To have two fairly formal compositions before age 9 has to be a impressive feat, so how do I make certain that it is properly supported?

If y'all have any suggestions, I would be open to hearing them. In the meantime, I'm just so pleased. I hope to record his two compositions so far and put them up on my x-drive. When I do so, I'll see if I can make them public and steer you all in that direction, or I'll post links here if that can be managed.

I'm so pleased for him and so pleased for us to be blessed with such a talented and generally pleasant child. I complain so much about so many things, it is important to note that in all of the important ones, God has blessed me beyond measure.

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