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More Texas Questions

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Do they drive cars there?

Where do they keep their horses?

Do they have houses or do they just sleep on the ground around a fire?

You can see we strive to keep our child up-to-date on the latest happenings in society and science. We informed him that they did indeed drive cars. Then he asked, "Don't most people drive horses?" And immediately after, "Can I get a picture of a cowboy?"

Yes, it's all rather like a real-life "Gila-monsters meet you at the airport." But it is from time to time hysterically funny.

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While contemplating future possibilities, the subject of a visit to Texas came up (San Antonio, in particular). We said something of this to Samuel and he immediately asked, "What kind of food do they have in Texas?"

"Well, they have chili and Tex-Mex, and all sorts of food?"

"Do they have Oreos?"

"Well, yes, they're not a foreign country," my wife, charming in her ignorance, replied. I quickly correctly this misconception--after all we are talking the Republic of Texas.

"Do they have cheerios?"

"Yes, they probably have cheerios."

"Well what other food do they have?"

I suppose Samuel is concerned about starving to death. However, he went to sleep for the last three nights in a row singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas." I don't know when he thinks we're actually going (if at all) but it isn't this weekend.

So, all you Texans out there, do you have any thoughts about Texas food? Any words of wisdom to share with Samuel to allay the fears of no oreos and no cheerios?

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