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Another Samuel Story Samuel visited


Another Samuel Story

Samuel visited his Daddy at work today. My screen-saver/background on the computer at work is Hans Holbein's portrait of St. Thomas More. After we did the usual tour of the office identifying the various things--starfish, octopod, sponge, scorpion, bone-man dinosaur, I asked him about the person on my screen saver.

Very enthusiastically he said, "Yes, I know who that is."

I was surprised. "Who is it?" I asked.

"That's a pirate. Look at his pirate hat and his pirate gold on his necklace."

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Sharing Samuel's Wisdom


Sharing Samuel's Wisdom

Yesterday at school Samuel had a grilled cheese sandwich at lunch time. His comment regarding it when he came home to us is that he wanted a "boy cheese sandwich."

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