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Thanks for the Prayers

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Samuel came through the judging yesterday with flying colors--a 95/Superior performance.

Interestingly, they've instituted a "sight-reading" section to the proceedings. This was not part of the judging last year, so Samuel sight-read a piece of music and did fairly well so far as I could tell. The pieces are written so as to make no real musical sense, so without the music you can't tell if the right notes or the wrong ones are being hit. Anyway, it didn't count in the judging except that you tried to do it. He then played his optional piece and mandatory piece and listening at the door, they went off without a hitch. He even managed to slow them down a bit so it didn't sound like the equivalent of his race-read through the story of Peter and Cornelius during his try-out last week for reader during his first communion Mass.

Anyway, thank you all. Much appreciated.

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