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There may be a hiatus of one or more days as we travel to Virginia. I've already written several people with whom I will try to be in contact over the next week or so--it should be exciting. Please pray for me and my family as we travel.

Later Initially, I misspelled hiatus here. I could have sworn that it was one of those words that I spelled phonetically, looked up and found wrong. But I guess I'm wrong again.

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Someone hacked my blogroll and replaced every link with the same link--so I'm abandoning blogroller and shall reestablish a hardcoded link for each blog I visit. However, it will take some considerable time. Please pardon the mess.

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Sorry for the lack of evening examen yestere'en--Mondays are fellowship nights and it makes it rather difficult to get to some of these things, and we had the extra complication of having my wife preparing for a sleep study.

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