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Someone hacked my blogroll and replaced every link with the same link--so I'm abandoning blogroller and shall reestablish a hardcoded link for each blog I visit. However, it will take some considerable time. Please pardon the mess.

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I'm so sorry that happened, how frustrating. It looks like it happened over at "Disputations" as well. Hang in there!

how rude! please drop me a line if you want some code to copy and paste.

It is probably a back-handed compliment. I just hope it doesn't reach me!

Dear Alicia,

Interestingly, it already has reached you and I think been corrected. I noted it at your blog, at Disputations, on my own, and read something at DeoOmnisgloria about it. The crisis has passed, but the vessel is flawed, so I'll hardcode from now on. It will also mean less temptation to arbitrarily increase my list.



Oddly, I had just tired of "coding" the blog list and moved to Blogroller. Think I'll stick with it. Luckily I had exported my new blogroll to an opml file and was able to restore it easily.



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