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Blogger Template Change Saves St. Blog's Parishioners

Yes. Because the template change occurred last night when my fevered brain wished to assault you with a lengthy discussion of St. Alphonsus di Liguori, you all may consider yourselves extremely fortunate. That brain wave passed and vanished into the sand. I may be able to reconstruct it in part, but rather than trying, I may just say, read Uniformity with God's Will. It's like a pocket version (perhaps a half-hour straight-read--hours and hours of Lectio or meditative consideration) of Jean Pierre de Caussade's monumental Abandonment to Divine Providence (q.v.) (Also highly recommended reading).

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Thanks to All Who Responded


My thanks to everyone who responded to my request yesterday. A special belated thanks to all those who commented on the Trust post and helped me to identify some areas where I need more precision in language and accuracy in conveying my thoughts.

Also, an invitation to all. Many wrote expressing that practical application would be helpful. I often think that I have included that because when I write I pass into a kind of fog. I absolutely concur with you all and I make a point of this to my Carmelite group--what we read should help to change our lives or there is no real point in reading it (speaking of spiritual works.) There is no point in reading St. John of the Cross to say that you have done so. The only point to reading St. John or about St. John is to manifest a real change in your relationship with God. So too with much that appears here--you all know the posts I mean. And so, if I have been vague in means, please ask. I may not know the answer, but because there are so many who are seeking the same path, the multiplicity of views about how one does one thing or another will help those who are seeking. As I said in another post--the strait gate and narrow way are at once narrow and tiny and as broad as God's Love itself. The way to find deeper prayer, humility, patience, meekness, whatever, is very probably a little bit different for each person. So when we hear and share those different ways with one another we become more aware of the fact that God wishes us to find our own way in the broad array before us. We have the gifts and talents He has given us, the path of perfection will perfect those gifts and talents for use to His Glory. We find these steps in the experiences and companionship of others who tread or have trodden the same road.

In sum: Tell me I've been vague about means, and I will either amplify, or ask others to help. The reality is, you all know everything I can tell you, you just don't realize that you know it. In conversation and communion with others, we discover the truth that we long have known through the nourishment provided in the Word of God and in the teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.

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Requesting Feedback on a Concern


Over the last couple of days, I have posted some rather strongly worded posts that I would characterize, perhaps, as exhortations. The silence on some of these has been deafening. (I'm surprised by how much feedback came on the issue of trust and everyone's comments have helped me to start rethinking exactly how to say what I'm aiming at--thank you). Now, I've come to expect that in certain cases, but as these pieces are part and parcel of a continuing work, what I'd like to make certain of is that they are not too shrill or angry. Having come from a long line of preacher-men, I'm always concerned about sounding too much like pulpit thumping and not enough like loving exhortation to do what I know God can make possible for all of us. So, if these posts have caused offense or hurt, please let me know ASAP and accept my apologies in advance. If there are specifics that you find offensive, please do not hesitate to let me know. My work can only improve if I know where it fails in its intended goal. Thank you all so much for being the patient, longsuffering audience you have been and continue to be.

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