Requesting Feedback on a Concern


Over the last couple of days, I have posted some rather strongly worded posts that I would characterize, perhaps, as exhortations. The silence on some of these has been deafening. (I'm surprised by how much feedback came on the issue of trust and everyone's comments have helped me to start rethinking exactly how to say what I'm aiming at--thank you). Now, I've come to expect that in certain cases, but as these pieces are part and parcel of a continuing work, what I'd like to make certain of is that they are not too shrill or angry. Having come from a long line of preacher-men, I'm always concerned about sounding too much like pulpit thumping and not enough like loving exhortation to do what I know God can make possible for all of us. So, if these posts have caused offense or hurt, please let me know ASAP and accept my apologies in advance. If there are specifics that you find offensive, please do not hesitate to let me know. My work can only improve if I know where it fails in its intended goal. Thank you all so much for being the patient, longsuffering audience you have been and continue to be.

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