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Otherwise it sounds like idle boasting to little or no purpose. The point was that I would greatly appreciate it if any newcomers to this blog who have their own would drop me a line to let me know about their blogs as now I have no means of finding them.

I'll need to figure out where to post that on my blog as a permanent message.

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I have dropped you a line by email on this topic

Please pray for Karen mother of 9 (8 living) who almost died to a reaction to the placenta after the birth of her youngest, Thomas. It's two weeks later and she remains in serious condition (numerous blood tranfusions were required and there is danger of major organ damage). She is heavily medicated. Please pray for a speedy recovery with no permanent damage. Her husband is prone to depression and very much needs your prayers.

That's the main reason I keep it, Steven, because I've found people visiting or who have linked to me but are too shy to say anything in the comments box. Still, you can live without it.



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