Praise and Prayer

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Give thanks to God, for He is good, His love endures forever.

Ramon's surgery was sucessful!

Linda is home from the Hospital! Still fragile, or perhaps even more fragile as a result of steroid treatment, but nevertheless home.


Please pray for me. I have a wracking cough that I'm fairly certain is sinus-induced as it came to prominence yesterday during a particularly rainy spell here in Florida. Pray please that it is not contagious (as I guess it is not) and that I can recover from it quickly and resume doing what needs to be done.

For Carol K. and family who suddenly and quite unexpectedly lost her mother yesterday to pneumonia.

For Christine's father who has an undiagnosed but severe potassium defficiency that has everyone around him extremely concerned. He's on liquid Potassium now, which can have severe effects, please pray that these will be minimal

For Karen (Mother of 9) who is seriously ill and for her husband that God grant Him the strength to bear up under it. (I'll be making special prayers for this one because I understand how it feels under much less stressful conditions (1 Child and minor hospitalization).

For Katherine's Mom for diagnosis and proper remediation of the chemotherapy crisis of this weekend.

For Davey's Mom's friend who is having another child shortly that her labor and birth be easy and light and both mother and child come through it safely.

For Katherine and Franklin, Christine and Gordon, Janet and Louis, and for all who are seeking employment and suffering through difficult times as they wait.

For the men and women of the American Armed forces who will not be able to spend this holiday season with their families, that this may nevertheless be a season of "comfort and joy" beyond their greatest expectations.

For Jane, Janet, Shirley, and for all for whom this season of the Nativity is a time of hardship and difficulty because of the pain of the past.

I welcome the addition of other requests via the comment box. Thank you for keeping this poor Carmelite employed.

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My mom was hospitalised yesterday. She had a severe reaction yesterday (stopped breathing). Today they will try to sort out which medication is the problem and what to do about it. It was a scary time. I am five hours away; my dad had to deal with everything on his own.

Thank you for your prayers.


I hope you feel better, my friend, and thanks be to God that your wife's on the way back. It's my hope that everybody gets well for Christmas.

Glad to hear about your wife. I've been checking in, praying, and wondering. Wonderful she's home. Those steroids are tough, huh?



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