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With the removal of Sitemeter, the page should load more quickly.

I have long contemplated this, reluctant to remove it because I have found so many very good sites by tracing back through Sitemeter. But the time has come to abandon it--I may be slower about finding those of my visitors who choose not to comment, but I will not have the burden of checking the Sitemeter readings and of allowing it a certain measure of control over my actions.

Like sin, some things once abandoned open up great worlds of possibilities. This is one of those ventures.

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Good morning, Steven. up here in DC it is snowing like gangbusters for the SECOND TIME so far this season!

Weatherwise, it certainly IS a "Gaudete Sunday."

What about healthwise? How's Linda? We're still praying!

i am thinking of doing the same, but hesitant because I too have found some great sites, you can keep us posted on how it works out better for you,ok?

Yes, how is linda doing? We are getting a NorEaster here in NH and I have been coughing my guts out again.



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