True Equality Christianity is the


True Equality

Christianity is the religion of true equality. It can be nothing else from its very foundations. God is our Father. We are all His children. How can there be anything other than equality? Does an all-loving parent cherish one sibling above another? Does a Father who is worthy of the name prefer a child? He may assign one task to one, and a different task to another, but it is with the same deep and abiding love.

Stumbling through the blogworld I happened upon a comment that suggested that some feel less worthy than another. Some may feel that what they have to say is unworthy to be heard. Here, at least, that is not true. I don't demand that anyone comment or that anyone feel compelled to join the conversation. But I do invite everyone to feel free to do so. As brothers and sisters in Christ, every person is valued and cherished. Unless the commenter makes of him or herself a nuisance, every comment is worthy of respectful consideration. I strive to give this to each person who passes through, and I wish to assure everyone that the more voices heard from, the better. All are welcome, all are invited to speak. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, all equally worthy of joining the conversation whose final end is the edification of all.

So, please feel welcome, but not by any means required, to say whatever is on your mind. I will endeavor to treat all such comments with respect and consideration. You are brothers and sisters in Christ and I pray for each of you each day. After all, it is what we Carmelites are here for!

Our Lord's shalom to all.

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