Very Slow Day at St.


Very Slow Day at St. Blog's

So the perfect opportunity to announce that I am seriously, very seriously rethinking the direction of this blog. It seems that it has become too diffuse. All would be better served if I were to revert to the tighter focus and clear purpose of the goal of this blog--to encourage everyone to a life a deeper prayer.

I was thinking also about opening up a multi-blog--perhaps an online Carmelite chapter that would allow the resident Carmelites to deepen their commitment to vocation while exercising our vocation of evangelism in Prayer. I don't know yet what form this might take, but I can think of a great many potential participants, and I think it would prove beneficial to many. Blogs like "The Journey," and "Conversations that Matter," already take large steps toward this goal, but I would like to move even further along. So, Carmelites out there, don't be surprised if you get an e-mail from me in the near future. (Also don't be surprised if you don't--these things require a great deal of prayer.).

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