Current Reading List I do


Current Reading List

I do this from time to time, I'm uncertain why. Perhaps it will spark some interest somewhere or perhaps it is a way of clearing out the cobwebs.

Edith Wharton--Ethan Frome AND The Buccaneers
Roger Zelazny-Lord of Light (Accidentally picked this up last night while prowling around looking for something to do and it netted me in very readily. Not as fine as some of the great short work--"He Who Shapes," "The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth," "A Rose for Ecclesiastes," but still a remarkably fine sustained accomplishment.
Nathaniel Hawthorne--House of the Seven Gables (yes, still--what's the rush?)
G.K. Chesterton--Heretics--ditto
Karen Hall--Dark Debts
Ronald Knox--Captive Flames
Greg Tobin--Council--A sequel to Conclave and nowhere near as good

I suspect that I shall finish them in the following order: Zelazny and Hall. I suspect that I shall drop Tobin, and that I will continue to linger over the extraordinary prose and imagery of House of the Seven Gables. Heretics will continue to be a time-to-time read. With Lent approaching I shall probably pick up Richard John Neuhaus's remarkable Death on a Friday Afternoon yet once again.

Fickle, I guess you would call it.

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