I Have Been Vouchsafed a


I Have Been Vouchsafed a Glimpse of the World to Come

And I truly repent. Yes, the wonders of Chuck E. Cheese's emporium of fun can be likened to the whirlwind that Dante places the Lover's in (Circle 2, I believe). This place just begins to give me a sense of what it must be like and it is horrifying. The swirling progressively louder, nearly infinite activity. Oh well.

Tomorrow is likely a first trip into D.C. It may be a revisit (solo) to Mount Vernon (one of my favorite places on Earth). Samuel continues to ask where George Washington is, and why is picture is all over the place (quarters and dollars).

Anyway, no profound insights to share. Reading Suzanne Skees God Among the Shakers which is very interesting, and House of the Spirits for which I am slowing acquiring a taste. As with much that partakes of magic realism, it is, at first disorienting.

More later.

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