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Quote from a Book in my FIL's Library

My Father-in-Law is an amazing man with amazing taste in reading. He reads profoundly interesting conservative materials and holds staunchly conservative views--you would blanch to hear him talk about HiIlary Clinton. As these books are either not stocked in local libraries, or I am in such profound ignorance of their authors that I have not sought out their work, I often peruse them in off-hours at home. (There are not many of these because my Father-in-Law is an inveterate story-teller, with a true story-teller's voice, rhythm and expressions. I'm hoping to record a passle of these stories while we are here and MP3 them as a gift for family members. See my post elsewhere about the "buy-nothing" Christmas) Here from the Cal Thomas introduction to Marvin Olasky's Fighting for Liberty and Virtue a wonderful insight.

from the "Introduction" to Fighting for Liberty and Virtue Cal Thomas Sadly, the closest we get to history today is the instant replay. A generation of baby boomers, who mostly discarded the past as morally inferior to the present, has mired us in a cultural goo from which it is extremely difficult to extricate ourselves.

If we are to be liberated from this mire of our own making and find true freedom, I am convinced our emancipation will not come by external means--that is, by government, no matter which party or philosophy is in power, or by "values" imposed from the top-down. "Trickle-down" morality won't work. We must pursue "bubble-up" morality--that which flows from the people, upward. Historically, the quality of leadership has reflected the quality of followership. When ancient Israel was obedient to the law and the will of God, they generally enjoyed righteous leadership.

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